Nevada Promise Scholarship Mentors

Mentors are an important part of the Nevada Promise Scholarship. A strong support structure is key to help students find success.

According to a 2011 study by the Institute of Higher Education Policy, mentoring for college students is a valuable strategy to provide students with the emotional and instrumental support they need to achieve the goal of a college degree. Mentoring also helps students feel more connected and engaged on campus, ultimately improving the chances for success.

TMCC is seeking mentors of all backgrounds who are willing to give 3-5 hours each semester to guide the future of Nevada: our youth. Mentors must be 21 years of age, willing to provide information to conduct a criminal history report and able to participate in one mandatory training session.

All who are willing to serve should apply to become a mentor today!

Our goal is to make your mentoring journey a success, check out our Mentor Resources.