Community Service Information and Reporting

What Counts as Community Service

TMCC Students

Community service is time contributed to a nonprofit or public service organization. The community should be benefiting from the work you do! Community service must be performed immediately preceding the academic year for which you wish to receive a Nevada Promise Scholarship.

Community service performed to satisfy the requirements for participation in the Nevada Promise Scholarship Program must not:

  • Result in compensation, payment or remuneration of any kind for the student.
  • Directly benefit a member of the family of the applicant or student, as applicable.
  • Include paid or unpaid internships.
  • Include donation of money or items as community service.
  • Include participation in fund-raising events, but may include volunteering to assist in the administration of the event. For example, participating as a "walker" in a "cancer walk" to raise money for cancer research does not qualify as community service; but volunteering to assist with registration, set-up or similar activities at the event may qualify as community service.

Community service may be performed with or under the direction of a faith-based organization, but must not include religious proselytizing or persuasion.

Submission Deadlines

Continuing Nevada Promise Scholars (current college students)

January 1: First set of 8 community service hours must be completed and submitted.
May 1: Second set of 8 community service hours must be completed and submitted.

New Nevada Promise Candidates (current high school seniors)

May 1: One set of 8 community service hours for high school seniors must be completed and submitted.