Housing Options for International Students

International Housing Photo

Like most community colleges, TMCC does not have a dormitory on campus, so students commute from the local community to TMCC by public transportation or using their own cars.

Until recently, most international students at TMCC have been in a shared housing situation, renting a room in a private home or sharing an apartment. Starting in Fall 2017, TMCC is pleased to offer homestay living through a well-established homestay program: International Student Homestay Placement (ISP).

We encourage students to begin their experience in the U.S. with a homestay. A local “host” family can provide additional support with cultural adjustment, language learning and even help with airport pick-up. If a student still prefers a more independent living situation, they can begin with homestay for up to 2 months or move into an apartment immediately.

Because we know how important housing is to the overall success of students, we have gathered various housing resources to guide students in choosing the housing options that best fit their needs.

All F-1 international students coming to the U.S. to study can enter the United States up to 30 days before their start date for their program listed on their I-20. We strongly recommend that students use this early arrival option to have time to overcome jet lag, get to know the Reno area and finalize housing arrangements.

The following housing options are available to international students at TMCC:

Disclaimer: Housing information is offered solely for the convenience of students. TMCC is not responsible or liable for the services offered by the various outside entities.