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Lifecycle Replacement of Hardware Systems


TMCC Information Technology (IT) tracks the age of computers installed in academic labs, kiosks or library locations, and scans all computers connected to and actively logged on to the network.

IT attempts to replace academic computer and multimedia systems and administrative computer systems every five years, depending on funding availability. The processes are outlined below.

In coordination with Auxiliary Services, IT salvages any computers that are replaced and determined not to have a useful service life. IT ensures data on the hard drives are removed before salvage or redistribution to another agency occurs.

See Also: College Distribution of Computers

Academic Computer and Multimedia Systems


Academic computers that will reach five years of age by July of the next fiscal year are identified and programmed for replacement through the use of Student Technology Fee funds.

Approval Process

A recommendation is forwarded to the Technology Committee on the total number that should be replaced. The Academic Technology Committee endorses or modifies that recommendation and sends it forward to the President’s Planning Council for final approval.


Once final approval is received, Information Technology works with BCN Purchasing to process paperwork for a four-year lease agreement with the preferred vendor.

2019 Academic Computer Lifecycle

Campus Computer
Building Rooms Model Midtower Small Form Factor iMac Laptop
Applied Technology Center
  EDS-106 7010 15      
  EDS-108 7010 4      
  EDS-121 7010   1    
  EDS-122 7010   1    
  EDS-144 7010   1    
  EDS-170-KIO 7010 1      
  EDS-212 7010   1    
  EDS-214 7010   1    
  EDS-221 7010   1    
  EDS-223 7010   1    
  EDS-273 7010   1    
  EDS-278 7010   1    
  EDS-KIOSK-73 7010 1      
  LIB-KIOSK 7010 13 1    
  MWS-121-LAP T-420       4
Health Science Center
  RCB-100 790   1    
  RCB-117 T-440P       13
  RCB-121 T-440P       13
  RCB-129 7010   1    
  RCB-LAP T-430       24
  RCC-185 7010 8 1    
  RCC-186A 7010 1      
  RCC-186B 7010 1      
  RCC-187A 7010 1      
  RCC-187B 7010 1      
Red Mountain Building
  RED-112 7010 22 1    
  RED-412 7010   1    
  RED-413 7010   1    
Sierra Building
  ATC-106 7020 25 1    
  ATC-206 iMac     27  
Vista Building
  VIS-201 7010   1    
  VIS-206 7010   1    
  WCSD-LAP T-440P       25
Unit Total:   93 19 27 79
Price Per Unit:   $1,200.00 $1,200.00 $2,279.00 $1,164.00
Price Total:   $111,600.00 $22,800.00 $64,746.00 $91,956.00
Entire Units: 218
Grand Total: $291,102.00

Administrative Computer Systems


Annually, if administrative funds are available, IT purchases replacement administrative computer systems for the College. Baseline pricing is for standard Windows-based configurations; deviations to this configuration (as well as Mac-based systems) require the department to provide additional funds as required for the replacement.


IT maintains an inventory of all computers. Criteria for annual administrative computer replacements:

  • Available funding
  • Age of computer (must be at least five years old)


Prior to actual replacement of administrative computer systems, IT will:

  • Notify the primary user with the target date(s) for replacement.
  • Determine if any specialized hardware or software needs to be installed.
  • Verify licensing for installed software.
  • Assist the user with file backups, if needed.