Student Technology Fee

The NSHE Board of Regents approved a $7 per credit Student Technology Fee. This decision was made with the consensus of students from colleges throughout the NSHE system.

The purpose of the fee is to increase access to technology for students.

TMCC's Technology Committee is charged with recommending how the Student Technology Fee will be used.

Information from the NSHE Board of Regents Handbook (Chapter 10, Section 16 & 17):

Use of the Technology Fee-Regular

TMCC Computer Classroom

Funds generated by the Technology Fee-Regular must be used directly for the betterment of the students’ educational experience.

Funds may be used for any technology-related expenditure, including, but not limited to equipment, associated software and licensing, Internet and Web-related support, user services/help desk support, lab support, lab coordinators and assistants, electronic library media, enhanced instructional technology for classrooms and labs, and distance education/interactive video equipment and facilitators. Each institution shall report annually the use of technology fee-generated funds to the Board of Regents. (B/R 9/12)

Use of the Technology Fee-iNtegrate

Funds generated by the Technology Fee-iNtegrate must be used directly to support the development of a system-wide information system.

Funds may be used for the implementation of the iNtegrate Project, including but not limited to support for functional and technical staff, technology costs, and costs for communication devices. Each institution shall report annually the funds generated and expenditures associated with the fee to the Board of Regents. Upon completion of the iNtegrate Project, the Board of Regents shall review the use of the Technology Fee-iNtegrate. (B/R 9/12)