Vice President of Finance and Government Relations Search

About the Position

Reporting directly to the President, the Vice President for Finance and Government Relations (VPFG) is the Chief Financial Officer for the college and is a member of the President’s executive leadership team. The Vice President provides leadership for, and is responsible for, the development and administration of the day-to-day operating budget, biennium and annual budgets planning; fiscal analysis; financial reporting; short/long-range forecasting; grants and contracts budget administration; purchasing and audit reviews; and assisting the President in capital planning budget advocacy and development. Working in collaboration with Academic Affairs, Student Services and Capital Planning/Facilities to promote and fulfill Truckee Meadows Community College’s Mission and Core Values, the VPFG is the lead coordinator for government relations at the local, state, and national level. The VPFG works closely and in partnership with NSHE system office executives and staff on annual budgeting/planning and legislative budget advocacy for Truckee Meadows Community College. The position leads two direct reports and a total team of 22 budget and finance staff.

Leadership Qualities of the Ideal Candidate

  • Collaborative
  • Transformational leader
  • Highly communicative
  • Team player
  • Values honesty and integrity
  • Decisive
  • Data-informed
  • Inclusive
  • Visionary with implementation success
  • Inspiring and motivating
  • Hard worker
  • Entrepreneurial within the methodology of a higher education environment
  • Empowering
  • Active listener
  • Servant leader
  • Sense of humor
  • Able to display empathy
  • Willing to challenge the status quo in pursuit of innovation
  • Experience enhancing a culture of trust

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree and nine (9) years OR Master's Degree and seven (7) years of combined experience in the following: budget and fiscal management, legislative advocacy, grants and contracts, management roles at the level of Dean, Director, or higher. Degrees in a variety of fields will be considered, including but not limited to the following examples: Business Administration, Finance, Education Leadership, and Political Science, and/or fields with strong connections to grants and budget management.
  • Demonstrated experience managing budgets of significant size and complexity.

Desired Credentials and Experiences

  • Seven (7) years serving at the executive management level (vice president/dean/director) in public higher education.
  • Five (5) years serving as a Chief Financial Officer or similar role.
  • Broad knowledge of current fiscal practices including technology trends.
  • Evidence of effective working relationships with state and federal legislators.
  • Demonstrated strong competence in written communications, problem-solving and human relations skills.
  • Evidence of establishing successful, long-term partnerships with a variety of partners and constituents, in order to navigate important collaborations despite varying priorities.
  • Demonstrated understanding of a comprehensive community college.

Position Responsibilities

Provides vision, leadership, planning, and coordination to the following areas:

  • Budget and Planning Office: plans, develops, manages and provides reporting of the college's budgetary and financial resources and contracts.
  • Accounting Services: oversees the student account services; records, reports and reconciles accounts and activities in preparation of the college's financial statements; and maintains appropriate internal control procedures for financial activities.
  • Legislative Coordination and Outreach: works closely with the Associate VP of Research, Marketing, IT, and Web Services, the TMCC President, the NSHE lobby team, and possible contracted lobby firms to advocate for TMCC’s budget interests and needs. Assist with direct communication to legislators with the goal of improving and increasing advocacy efforts on behalf of TMCC students, employees, and economic development partners.
  • Represent the college as the designated Chief Business Officer and work collaboratively while advocating for TMCC’s particular interests.

Develops, directs, coordinates, supervises, and evaluates the programs, personnel, operations, and activities of all areas of responsibility to ensure their compliance with TMCC policies, NSHE policies, State and Federal regulation related to financial and administrative services.

Coordinates the recruitment, selection, and orientation of professional personnel and classified staff ensuring equal opportunity employment, diversity, and recommends appointment of new personnel and staff.

Participates with the president and the president’s leadership team and cabinet in long-range planning for programs, services, and facilities and coordinate financial planning and institutional planning activities.

Assumes other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the TMCC President.

Communicates and interacts effectively with students, staff, and the community in public, in person, by telephone and in writing.

Works in a professional and collegial manner with faculty, staff, and students in the best interest of the college and the people it serves.

Demonstrates understanding and acceptance of the role to be played as a partner in an educational enterprise serving the best interests of the students.

Performs assigned duties in a manner consistent with the standards, mission, and goals of Truckee Meadows Community College.

Maintains sensitivity to and an understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds at a community college.

Culture: Appreciation of, a sensitivity to, and respect for a diverse academic environment, inclusive of students, faculty, and staff of varying social, economic, cultural, ideological and ethnic backgrounds.

Overall 80% of the position provides executive-level management and shared governance leadership for all administrative and business functions; serves as the chief business officer on strategic matters related to financial planning and business and administrative services; develops budgets and long-range financial plans, preparing budget projections and models, and developing a long-range financial strategy; and performs other related duties as assigned. 

Approximately 20% of the position provides legislative coordination and outreach aligning with the chief financial officer duties and responsibilities. 

How to Apply

Soft Application Deadline: extended to March 29, 2023

While the position is open until filled, materials received after this date are not guaranteed full consideration and will be reviewed at the sole discretion of the search committee.

Application Materials Include:

  • A letter of interest that aligns experience and skills with the position requirements (not to exceed 5 pages).
  • A resume (chronological preferred).
  • Contact information including email and direct telephone number for a range of at least 6 professional references.

Send application materials to: (ATTN: Sheila Lehker, President, Cizek Associates, Inc.) or securely upload application materials.

Submit Application Materials


  • Recruitment and Advertising: Jan. 15 is the soft application deadline. While the position is open until filled, materials received by this date are guaranteed full consideration. Late applications will be reviewed at the sole discretion of the search committee.
  • Week of Jan. 30, 2023: Committee reviews applications recommended by the search firm.
  • Week of Feb. 13, 2023: Preliminary candidate interviews conducted by the search committee.
  • Search extended through March 29, 2023.
  • Week of March 27, 2023: Additional candidate interviews conducted by the search committee.
  • Week of April 24, 2023: Final candidates visit the College, meet with stakeholders, participate in public forum and tour the college.
  • Start Date: To be determined by the earliest availability of the successful candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Search Committee’s role includes assistance in identifying and encouraging candidates to apply for the position. The committee selects preliminary candidates from a slate of prospects recommended by the search consultant. The committee interviews preliminary candidates, develops interview questions for those interviews, and recommends final candidates to the President and Truckee Meadows Community College.

The Search Committee composition includes those who represent various constituencies of Truckee Meadows Community College. Every possible effort has been made to make sure that the committee accurately reflects the college community at large.

Melissa Deadmond Chair
Nicole Scollard HR/Search Liaison
Virginia Irintcheva Academics/Faculty Senate
Gabriel Chavez Academics
Jeff Alexander Administration
Amy Williams Deans/Meadowood
Rori Wilkis Director/Redfield
Rich Williams Finance
Crista Jorgensen Budget
Gretchen Sawyer Foundation and Grants
Marcus Ollom Facilities
Juana Reynoza-Gomez Student Services
Felipe Gutierrez De Alba Student Services
Jenny Taufa Classified Council
Cheryl Jones IT/IR
Chris Lee IT

Please note the work of the Search Committee is confidential and Search Committee members will not be able to share with you any details of their meetings and discussions, but will respectfully refer you to this website and/or the search firm.

The college has retained Cizek Associates, Inc. as its search consulting firm. Cizek Associates is a national retained executive search and assessment firm headquartered in Phoenix. Serving private and public sector client organizations, the firm has a higher education specialty practice, which is limited to the recruitment of senior-level administrators.

Search Firm Contact Information:
Sheila Lehker, President
Cizek Associates, Inc.
Telephone: 602-553-1066

The College is using a search firm for a number of reasons including assistance in identifying and proactively recruiting talented candidates for the Vice President of Finance and Government Relations position—especially those candidates who are not currently looking for a new position—and in screening and evaluating potential candidates in partnership with the Search Committee. The search firm also assists with many other aspects of the search process, including the development of the position profile, advertising and recruitment materials, search process timeline, document preparation, assistance to the committee in the execution of its responsibilities, the evaluation of potential candidates, and thorough background and reference checking.

All inquiries regarding this search are to be directed to the search firm whose responsibility it is to identify and attract the best possible candidates for the position, respond to all nominations and advertising inquiries, screen and evaluate backgrounds and credentials guided by the position profile, and make recommendations to the Search Committee and the college regarding those candidates best qualified for the Vice President of Finance and Government Relations position.

Truckee Meadows Community College and Cizek Associates are committed to identifying a diverse pool of candidates. Cizek Associates has a rich diversity network, has experience and a strong track record recruiting diverse candidates, and will provide critical access for any successful diversity recruitment effort.

The soft application deadline is Jan. 15, 2023. While the position is open until filled, applications received by this date are guaranteed full consideration. View the position profile and then the "How to Apply" section which contains all application information.

Please get your nominations, recommendations, and referrals to the search firm in advance of the soft application deadline of Jan. 15, 2023. You may nominate someone for the position by providing his/her name and contact information to the search consultant. The search firm will then contact the individual, discuss the position using the position profile as a guide, and assess the person as a potential candidate. All nominations will be treated with the level of confidentiality requested by the person offering the nomination, recommendation or referral. This means you can nominate someone anonymously.

This is a confidential search process. Confidentiality ensures the integrity of the search and provides the search firm the greatest flexibility in attracting the widest range of qualified candidates for the position.

The work of the Search Committee is also confidential and again, its members will not be able to share with you details of their meetings and discussions, but will respectfully refer you to this website.