Part-Time Faculty Loyalty Incentive Program

Active part-time teaching faculty members are eligible to receive a loyalty incentive bonus upon accumulating adequate points as outlined below. This benefit is intended to reward loyal service to the College and encourage continuity.


Active Letter of Appointment (LOA) part-time faculty teaching credit-generating courses at Truckee Meadows Community College.

  1. Minimum of 10 terms of LOA teaching service. A term is defined by a teaching assignment of at least 1 credit in either Fall, Spring (including Wintermester) or Summer beginning Fall 2010.
  2. Individuals who go between academic faculty and LOA status will be eligible if they are currently only a LOA. Their scores will be based on their teaching service during the terms they were on a LOA contract.
  3. Breaks in service of 12 terms or more nullifies accumulated points and part-time faculty has to restart calculation of point values from date of rehire.


Each individual will accumulate points based on teaching assignments for credit-generating and certain Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses.

  1. Credit Courses: 1 point will be earned for each term, section, and credit taught based on Peoplesoft as the official system of record.
  2. Part-time faculty who teach ABE courses in addition to credit courses during an academic term may earn incentive points for the ABE instruction: 1 point will be earned for each session, class, and every 20 hours of scheduled instruction.
  3. Incentive bonuses will be paid at the following thresholds:
    1. 100 pts $750
    2. 200 pts $1,500
    3. 300 pts $2,500
    4. 400 pts $3,500
    5. 600 pts $4,000
  4. Incentives will be paid at the conclusion of the semester in which the threshold is met (Fall or Spring).
  5. The incentive is considered compensation and will be subject to all applicable taxes.


  1. Individuals who are TMCC administrative faculty, academic faculty or classified staff are not eligible.
  2. Excludes independent study, internship, drop-in, open-lab, apprenticeship sections.
  3. Cross-listed sections will only be counted as one section.


  1. The ABE department will submit points semi-annually to the Institutional Research office.
  2. The Institutional Research office will maintain records and produce a list of individuals qualifying for the incentive to Human Resources.
  3. Human Resource office will process the payment and notify recipients.
  4. Appeals may be requested through the Human Resource Office.

Note: This program is subject to change without advance notification and is not guaranteed as part of an employment contract.