TMCC Employee Leave

Classified Employees

Annual Leave

Annual leave for classified staff is based on the amount of years of service. New employees are eligible to use leave after six months of full-time service. Part-time classified employees earn a prorated amount of annual leave based on full-time equivalent service (NAC 284.538)

Full-time classified employees earn annual leave at the following rates:

Years of Service Annual Leave
Less than 10 years 10 hours per month
 10-14 years 12 hours per month
 15+ years 14 hours per month

Excess Annual Leave

Classified employees who accrue annual leave in excess of 240 hours must use it on or before January 1 or it will be forfeited. To avoid forfeiture, a request for permission to take annual leave must be submitted to your supervisor by October 15. If your leave was requested before October 15 and is denied, you will be paid for annual leave in excess of 240 hours.

Compensatory Time

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that time worked in excess of 40 hours in a week or 8 hours in a working day according to NAC 284.250 shall be paid or granted compensatory time off at the rate of time and one-half of the employee's normal rate of pay. Compensatory time off may be offered in lieu of paid overtime when it is mutually agreed upon in writing by the employee and the supervisor.

All overtime work must be authorized in advance, by the supervisor.