Paramedic Hybrid Program

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TMCC is dedicated to supporting the needs of our community and this program is no exception. The events of the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us valuable lessons, most notably that our community needs more paramedics. Realistically, the challenges facing working professionals make seeking a higher license difficult. Staffing obligations and shift responsibilities make enrolling in a paramedic program a risk to their professional development and can be misaligned with their work-life balance. TMCC is here to change that. 
Our mission is to respond to the growing need for paramedics in our community by offering an opportunity for working AEMTs to advance to paramedics while protecting their work schedule and their work/life balance in order to combat burnout and facilitate success.

TMCC's Hybrid Paramedic program offers 100% of the didactic portion of the program online. Lectures are available to our students whenever they can best facilitate their own learning, whether it be at home on a day off or in between calls on a slow shift. In addition, our students have access to their instructors via video conferencing for set office hours multiple times a week, as well as for synchronous lectures every week.

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