EMS Steps to Apply

Please read through and follow the enrollment information for the following classes:

Enrollment Information

  1. Apply to the College
    Complete a TMCC Application for Admission and view important dates and deadlines. If you have questions, contact the Admissions and Records Office.
  2. Complete Program Interest Form
    Complete and submit this online program interest form that directly informs our department about your intent to apply to one of our programs.

    Fill out my online form.
  3. Complete the Following Requirements
    • Background Check (valid for 6 months; cost: $49.50)
      Students are required to undergo a background check through mystudentcheck.com. Background checks typically take 3-5 normal business days to complete and are valid for 6 months, counting the length of the semester.
      • Go to mystudentcheck.com
      • Select your school and program from the dropdown menus (enter Truckee Meadows Community College – EMS Academy).
      • Note: Background checks are conducted by PreCheck, Inc., a firm specializing in background checks for healthcare workers.
    • Drug Screen (valid for 1 year; cost: $35)
    • Immunizations, CPR Card, Insurance, Driver's License (cost: $20)
      All documents must be uploaded through mystudentcheck.com and we will verify compliance after documents are uploaded.
      • Immunizations: You will need to provide documentation of your current immunization status.
        • Tetanus, Diphtheria (DT or TDaP) within 10 years.
        • Negative Quantiferon or T-Spot Tuberculous blood test, valid for one year.  
        • Hepatitis B 3-Part Series (must have #1 and #2 to enter the class; #3 by end of first semester) or Titer.
        • MMR immunization (2 during lifetime) or Titer.
        • Varicella (2 during lifetime) or verified history of chickenpox or Titer.
      • CPR Card: American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS). All students must maintain an American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR certification through the program. The only acceptable CPR certification is the American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS). No other CPR certification will be accepted. It is the student's responsibility to maintain these certifications. You may obtain certification through TMCC's CPR Department or through any other agency.
      • Insurance: You will need to provide proof of your Major Medical Insurance Coverage for the class term.
      • Driver’s License: You will need to provide a copy of your driver's license or state-issued ID (must be 18 years old).
    • EMT Nevada State Certification (for EMS 115 entry only)
      EMS 115 students only must complete these additional requirements for EMT Nevada State Certification.
  4. Register for Classes
    Once all required documents are uploaded and reviewed, PreCheck will notify you of compliance via email. Applicants will be directed to contact the EMS/Public Safety Department to receive access to register for the course. If you have any questions, please contact us. You must be released by the Public Safety/EMS Department in order to enroll in a class.

Background Checks and Drug Screening

Background checks and drug screens are required for all for clinical sites.

Current students are advised that they will be withdrawn from the program if clinical requirements are not met for any reason.