Emergency Medical Technician (EMS 108)

Paramedic Smiling Photo

Emergency Medical Technician (EMS 108) is for individuals who anticipate working with an ambulance service, a hospital emergency department, fire department, police department, mining operation, or in other occupational fields where medical emergencies are common.


Prior to enrolling in any TMCC EMS class, please review and complete the EMS Steps to Apply.

  • Prior to enrolling in class, you must be at least 18 years of age.


Course content includes: the well-being and legal standpoint of being an EMT, an overview of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, patient assessment, basic life support in relation to cardiac arrest, trauma, and other medical emergencies, pediatric and OB/GYN, ambulance operations, and weapons of mass destruction.

The student is responsible for an additional eight hours of clinical rotation in the local emergency departments and eight hours of a ride-along with an advanced life support ambulance or the fire department.

Upon successful conclusion of this course, students will be proficient in the following areas and eligible for National Registry testing:

  • Airway management including oxygen administration, use of a bag-valve mask on an apneic patient, and airway adjuncts
  • Patient assessments including initial and a focused history for medical and trauma patients
  • Basic life support with use of an AED
  • Spinal immobilization of a seated or supine patient
  • Immobilization of joints and extremities as well as bleeding control and shock


We have a strict attendance policy in accordance with State of Nevada and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards in which students are not allowed to miss more than 16 hours of class. Any students missing more than the allotted time will be not allowed to continue, and will be withdrawn from the class.

EMS Grading

A = 94–100%
B = 87–93%
C = 80–86%
D = 73–79%
F = 0–72%

To be able to take the class final and complete the course, students must have the following cumulative average:

  • 80% for EMS Instructor, EMT, EMT Advanced, EMT Refresher