Economics is the study of how societies use their resources to produce goods and ways in which those goods are distributed. Your success in economics at TMCC will equip you to excel in roles within government, business, and individual/consumer sectors as they relate to the economy. You will also have the skills to collect and analyze economic and demographic information to make informed decisions that will promote individual wealth and national economic progress.

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Why Choose Economics at TMCC?

Completing your economics courses at TMCC will offer you several key advantages:

  • Courses are offered both in person and online so you can choose the format that works best for your learning style and schedule.
  • Many Economics courses are offered in both full semester format and condensed, half semester formats, which allow you to complete two sequential courses in one semester.
  • In person courses are offered at both the TMCC Dandini campus and the Meadowood Center so that you can find the location most convenient for you.
  • If you are a business major and transfer to UNR, you will have fulfilled the first two years of your business economics degree.
  • Small class sizes ensure you get the individualized attention you need.

What Will I Study?

TMCC offers courses in macroeconomics, microeconomics, current economic issues, history and comparison of economic systems, statistics, independent study and internship credits. The courses will prepare you for a degree in business, and are fully transferable to an accredited four-year institution. If you plan to transfer to UNR after completing your Business AA degree at TMCC, you will have fulfilled the first two years of your Economics bachelor’s degree in the College of Business.

College Catalog Information

"My first step into economics started at TMCC; and it was because of the courses here, I have chosen to major in it. While learning, I have been amazed at how the subject can bring out the interconnectedness of the world. I think economics is a versatile subject--it can be applied to many areas of life."

Callista C., TMCC Economics Student