Accounting and Bookkeeping


What do party planners, law offices, vacuum salesmen, zoos and theme parks, tech companies, hotels and casinos, government agencies, and all other businesses have in common? They rely on accountants in order to function! Accounting and bookkeeping are the cornerstone to ensuring the financial health of any business, and there is always an abundance of accounting positions no matter what industry you want to go into.

You can earn your Accounting or Bookkeeping Certification from TMCC with courses in business, accounting, and leadership. Many courses are offered online, so starting your education has never been easier!

Why Choose Accounting or Bookkeeping at TMCC?

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TMCC’s programs in this field offer several key advantages:

  • You can choose a short Skills Certificate in Certified Professional Bookkeeping which can be completed with as few as 9 credits
  • TMCC offers a 30 credit Certificate of Achievement in Bookkeeping if you want a more detailed program that includes business and computer skills
  • You can also opt for the 30 credit Certificate in Bookkeeping Entrepreneurship which will combine the bookkeeping skills you need with courses on how to have a successful business for those who plan to open their own business and be self employed
  • If you plan to get a bachelor’s degree in accounting you can complete TMCC’s Business AA degree which fulfills all of the requirements for the first two years of the Accounting degree at UNR
  • All of TMCC’s Accounting and Bookkeeping programs, including the Business degree, can be completed 100% online if you prefer the flexibility of that modality
  • TMCC’s small class sizes ensure individualized help and support for all students
  • TMCC’s Accounting and Bookkeeping programs include work experience so you will get hand’s on, relevant experience in your chosen field of study

What Will I Study?

All of these programs include courses in basic and more advanced bookkeeping skills. The more detailed programs, depending on the one you choose, also include courses such as payroll, business fundamentals, leadership, entrepreneurship and more. See links below for details on what each individual program has to offer you. With multiple programs to choose from you will be able to select the one that best matches your future goals.