Logistics Leadership Conference


Join TMCC and the Frank N. Bender Center for Applied Logistics Management (CALM) for a day of insightful speakers and industry/student networking.

Proceeds will contribute to scholarships for TMCC Logistics students in their pursuit of an Applied Science Degree in Logistics Operations Management.

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Event: Frank N. Bender Logistics Leadership Conference
Date: Thursday, May 2, 2019
Time: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
Location: The Grove at South Creek, 95 Foothill Road, Reno   

Conference Speakers

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence: Demystifying the people side of extraordinary leadership

Linda Pedelty; Leadership Development Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Logistics ConferenceThis will be a very interactive day, and you will walk away with a better understanding of yourself, your teams, and how mastering the ‘people side’ of your job can make everything easier!

“The success of an organization is inevitably connected to the efficiency of its workforce; and contrary to popular belief, intelligence and (hard-skill) competency are not the only factors that predict success. According to decades of studies in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), EQ is the single best predictor of performance in the workplace and one of the strongest drivers of leadership and excellence.” (Expedite July 23, 2018)

Most of us have heard of the term emotional intelligence, and many of us have even heard that it is an important workplace ‘success factor.’ But what is it, exactly? In our highly interactive day together, we will explore the concept of emotional intelligence. We will learn the 4 basic EQ competencies, how to start to “build our EQ muscle” around each of them, and most importantly, explore ways to leverage these competencies at work, especially when under stress. As part of our EQ skill-building, we will discuss what makes a great leader, and how you can develop the skills that let you “lead from where you stand,” regardless of what your official title or organizational position is.

Linda has been working in the field of education and human development for the past 25 years. She has facilitated management, leadership and executive teams, specializing in experiential education, change management and leadership development for the past 20 years.

Applying her previous work in the fields of theology and education, she has seen how individual change is the catalyst of all change, and the idea that leaders best grow their organization by growing their people is at the core of her philosophy as a consultant.

She believes that the things that sustain change are not bold strokes but 'long marches--the independent, discretionary, and ongoing efforts of people throughout the organization,' as Rosabeth Kanter, former editor of the Harvard Business Review has put it. That, simply put, real change requires people to adjust their behavior.

Diversification and Structural Changes in Nevada’s Growing Economy

Bob Potts, Research Director, Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Over the past eight years we’ve experienced remarkable growth and structural industry change in Nevada’s economy. This presentation discusses what the combined effect of growth and change means to education and workforce development by highlighting in-demand occupations, worker competencies, and the importance of work based learning experiences.

Bob Potts is the Research Director for the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, bringing to the position over 25 years of experience in data research and analysis. Specializing in data collection and dissemination, economic impact analysis, statistical modeling and survey research, Mr. Potts is considered a leading expert in the business, workforce and economic environment for the state of Nevada. In his position, Mr. Potts oversees the collection, analysis and reporting of business, socioeconomic and performance information to aid the GOED in the development and diversification of Nevada’s growing economy.


A catered lunch is provided, but space is limited. To reserve your spot, please complete the form below.