Business FastTrack Program

Dandini Campus

As a student in this new TMCC program, you will have the option to complete our Business Associate of Arts Degree in a one-year or two-year format that offers all of the required courses in five-week blocks, entirely online!

Why Business FastTrack?

  • Earn the same high-quality associate’s degree—only faster!
  • The program is fully online and designed to fit your busy schedule.
  • Focus on just one class and subject at a time (or two if you are doing the one-year model).
  • It’s a cohort model—you will go through the program with the same students which has proven to be an effective model where students have more success.
  • Prepares you for success in today’s competitive business environment.
  • Fully transferable to UNR and many other four-year institutions so you can start your Bachelor’s degree at junior status 
  • The two-year model is ideal for you if you have a super busy schedule.
  • The one-year model is ideal for you if you are highly motivated and have the time to dedicate to an intense course load.

Learn more about the one-year or a two-year formats below and decide what best works for you. Then complete our interest form to get started.

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