Host-related Expenditures

Revised Spring 2022

All Host expenses must follow the Nevada Systems of Higher Education (NSHE) Procedures and Guidelines Manual Chapter 5 Section 1.


Host expenditures may be incurred by or on behalf of employees or guests of the institution in the conduct of necessary business activities. Hosting must provide a benefit to the institution through the establishment of goodwill, promotion of programs, or the creation of opportunities in which the mission of the institution may be advanced.

Host expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Meals/Food
  • Beverages
  • Flowers
  • Small gifts

All expenditures that are essential and part of a program, such as faculty and student recruitment activities, participant-funded events, and food supplied for culinary programs are normal operating expenses and are not a host expense. 

Food, beverages, flowers, and small gifts are prohibited on all state accounts unless it is non-consumable and for the purpose of essential educational supplies in an academic program, such as Culinary Arts. For example, food purchased for in-classroom experiments or Culinary Arts classroom preparation is exempt from the host process.*

*Expenses and reimbursements/revenues must post to the same Workday worktag.