Architecture and Design Technology

Architecture and Design TechnologyOverview

Right in the heart of creativity and technology lies architecture. Both a social art and a technical science, architecture in its simplest form is the designing and construction of physical structures. From local parks to the tallest skyscrapers, architects have key roles in building our communities and have the power to impact millions of people's daily lives.

TMCC offers three different academic paths for students interested in entering the field: Architecture, Residential Design, and Landscape Architecture. Upon completion of an Associate's degree, you are then able to apply to certain baccalaureate degree programs if you choose.

What Will I Study?

The licensed design professions of Architecture, Residential Design and Landscape Architecture, at its core, is about problem solving. You begin with an idea that is shaped from your life experiences. Ideas are the driving forces behind the forms and shapes of our built and natural environments.

Regardless of emphasis, all Architecture students will be learning about the fundamentals of architecture of design, as well as how to utilize and interpret construction prints used in an industry setting. If you choose to pursue residential design, you will be focusing on the layout for mechanical and electrical systems in mechanical buildings. If you are interested in landscape architecture, you will be studying how architecture is influenced by nature, and how to design projects with these concepts in mind.