Manufacturing Technologies

Manufacturing TechnologiesIf you are interested in a quick path to a career in high demand, look no further than Manufacturing Technologies. Northern Nevada's diversifying economy has attracted a growing number of manufacturing companies to the area, and jobs are now available with this specialized training.

This booming industry has become a mainstay in our region, and manufacturing requires trained technicians for a variety of jobs including product design, electronic assembly, material fabrication, equipment maintenance and quality control. Degrees and certificates in TMCC's manufacturing technologies program prepare you for these lucrative careers.

Programs offered through the Manufacturing Technologies department include Advanced Manufacturing, Drafting, Machining and Welding.

Program Information

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing, assembly and production lines require skilled technicians capable of troubleshooting and controlling complex interrelated mechanical and electronic control systems and equipment.


In the process of planning a project, drafters work with designers and engineers to develop the graphic instructions used to complete the project.


Machinists use automated controls, modeling and advanced technology to create components used in machinery and construction.


Welders are important in job settings such as manufacturing and construction, and they are responsible for the formation of buildings, vehicles, pipelines, and various forms of technology that involve intricate metal work.