Air Conditioning Technologies

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) Program

Air Conditioning Technologies


For every building that is built, there is a need for skilled professionals to keep them running. HVAC/R professionals are trained to understand the systems that are responsible for the regulation of heat, airflow, ventilation, and air conditioning inside a building. The majority of buildings being built in the modern era rely on heating and cooling to provide comfort to those inside it, making HVAC/R workers a valuable asset in today’s society.

TMCC offers a Construction Technologies AAS, with emphases in HVAC/R and HVAC/R Critical Systems, as well as many skill certificates and stackable credentials that will prepare you for the workplace.

What Will I Study?

Students pursuing a career in HVAC will be studying Refrigeration Theory, Heating, Air Conditioning, as well as how to navigate Boilers, Chillers, Electrical Controls, and Building Automated Systems. Throughout the program, you will be using industry-grade equipment, including multimeters, standard gauges, vacuum pumps, recovery units, scales, oxygen and acetylene torches, leak detectors and electronic measuring equipment.

Familiarity with these types of tools and understanding of basic theory will prepare you to become an entry-level technician in HVAC. Labs are set up to mimic real-world equipment, which allows you problem solve and navigate and troubleshoot challenges that you may face in the working environment.