Bachelor of Architecture Program Application

Steps to Apply

  1. Apply to the College
    Complete a TMCC Application for Admission and view important dates and deadlines. If you have questions, contact the Admissions and Records Office.
  2. Complete the Bachelor of Architecture Program Application
    Please complete and submit our online application. Note: Candidates must submit transcripts showing evidence of an associate degree or higher. Submit any certificates relevant to the profession, if applicable. Candidates must include a Portfolio* of their academic work. These files must be submitted electronically through this application.

*Portfolio should be submitted as one PDF file (8 1/2" x 11" or 11"x 17 format), no more than 20 pages, and no larger than 5 MB! Portfolio must include:

  • Candidates name, contact information, and resume.
  • Portfolio table of contents
  • Professional, academic, and personal projects presented in the portfolio should include:
    • Project title, location, and date
    • Please provide a brief description of each project's scope and whether it was done for personal, academic, or professional purposes (if it was academic, include the course title and number).
    • A description of whether the project was an individual or group project and the candidate's level of contribution.
    • The technique utilized for the design visualization. Whether it was done using architectural software, hand drawn, collage, or any other specification in that regard.

Selection Process

Candidates meeting the minimum requirements will be accepted into the Bachelor of Architecture program. The TMCC Admissions and Records Office will update your identified major to Bachelor of Architecture.


To apply to the Bachelor of Architecture Program (BArch) Program at TMCC, please fill out and submit the form below.

Fill out my online form.