Subscriptions, Memberships, Dues, Licenses


The College may purchase a subscription to books, magazines, newspapers, films, software or other publications for department use.


  1. Subscriptions can be in the name of the College or the employee.
  2. A subscription may not be mailed to a home address.
  3. Payment for either a new or a renewed subscription, up to one year, may be made in the fiscal year the original subscription is invoiced or the renewal invoice is received.
    • The subscription year does not need to coincide with the fiscal year.
    • There is no restriction as to type of fund that may be used to pay for the subscription.
    • A request for payment of a subscription longer than one year must include justification of the cost advantage of subscribing for a period longer than one year.
    • No payments will be permitted for more than a two-year subscription period.


A purchase card or a Request for Supplier Invoice may be submitted in Workday to pay for the subscription. Attach the original subscription invoice or renewal form to the purchase card. For subscriptions for longer than one year, attach the justification statement.

Memberships, Dues and Licenses


Subscribe written in computer keyboard.

Institutional memberships are memberships that are held in the name of the institution. Individual memberships are memberships that are held in the name of the individual.


Professional association or organization dues are generally assessed to an individual by virtue of education background, the individual's occupational field or because of interest in the association or organization.


Professional licenses are those licenses that may be required of individuals in certain occupations by state or local law (i.e., CPA licenses, real estate licenses and medical licenses).