General Journal Voucher Procedure

Periodically, revenue and general operating expenditures are inadvertently credited or charged to an incorrect account. This is a classification error and requires reclassification.

The General Journal Voucher Form can only be used by the department to process a reclassification. The form cannot be used to transfer cash from one account to another, or to adjust budgets.

  1. Complete the General Journal Voucher form.
    • Download and complete the General Journal Voucher Form using Adobe Acrobat Reader. 
    • Include description and explanation.
    • Attach backup showing account that needs to be reclassified.
  2. Obtain approval and signatures.
    • Only authorized individuals can sign this form for approval.
    • Two separate signatures are required: the preparer and the approval by the Cost Center Manager.
    • Authorized individuals must both print and sign their names.
  3. Submit form to Accounting Services Cashier's Office.
    • The form will be reviewed and if there are any questions we will contact the department.