Faculty Resources

Supplemental Instruction and Embedded Tutoring

TMCC Tutoring Center

If you are an instructor interested in providing Supplemental Instruction and/or Embedded Tutoring to your students, please complete our ET/SI Request form. Both services are available to all teaching faculty, full-time and part-time. Requests for Supplemental Instruction and/or Embedded Tutoring are not guaranteed. For more information, contact us.

Request a Tutor

Are you interested in having a tutor come in for a class visit or help with a workshop? We are happy to help! We at the TLC love collaborating with other departments to provide various services to meet the needs of TMCC’s diverse student population. If your department needs one or more tutors, please complete our Tutor Request. As long as we have staff available, we are always happy to accommodate. 

Tutor Recommendations

Do you have a student who would be an excellent tutor? Please send us a recommendation and encourage them to apply.

Before becoming a tutor, students must have completed the class(es) for which they would offer tutoring (see our Work With Us page for requirements). Please note that tutors are hired based on the current needs of the Tutoring and Learning Center; a faculty recommendation does not guarantee employment.


If you have feedback or comments about our services or tutors, contact us.