Types of Tutoring

Note: The Tutoring and Learning Center utilizes the Accudemia scheduling system, which allows students to work with subject tutors or general writing tutors online. After making an appointment, a student may choose to work synchronously with their tutor via an integrated Zoom session or asynchronously by emailing an assignment to their tutor to review independently during the scheduled appointment time.

We provide several different ways for students to learn material.

One-on-One Appointment Tutoring

Appointment tutoring is perfect for students who have several questions, or would like more intensive assistance. Students can schedule up to one hour per day, and up to three hours per week in appointments. 

All in-person tutoring appointments are held on the first floor of the Learning Commons at the Dandini Campus, and the online appointments take place via our scheduling system. 

Forgot to make an appointment? No problem! Walk-in to the Tutoring Center and if there is an available tutor, we will make an appointment for you on the spot, or you may have the option of joining a session already in progress. Don't forget about Smarthinking! Smarthinking is TMCC's 24x7 online tutoring service and it is free for all TMCC students.

Note: You must be currently enrolled at TMCC in the class for which you are receiving tutoring.

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