Faculty Tutor Request

TMCC Students in Lab

Instructors who would like to request a tutor should complete this form.

  • The Tutoring and Learning Center will need to determine if and when our tutors are available to work in the TLC, in addition to your program.
  • Many of our tutors can cover several subjects. Please be specific when discussing the needs of your program, and include the subject and level that would best serve the students.
  • Outside of Supplemental Instruction and Embedded Tutoring, we are generally unable to fund tutors for other departments; however, we can help supply tutors to be paid directly from an account belonging to your department, or your department can reimburse the TLC for the tutor’s wages (e.g., from grant funding) at the end of the semester.
  • If you will be paying tutors directly from one of your department’s accounts (rather than reimbursing the TLC), someone with signature authority over that account must draw up the tutor’s contract.
  • If you will be reimbursing the TLC for the tutor’s wages, we will draw up the contract.
  • We can supply the tutor’s name, employee ID and hourly wage.
  • Please let us know ahead of time if there is any additional information that you will need, such as total number of hours worked, specific dates worked, timesheets or other payroll records.
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