Make an Appointment With a Tutor

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Tutoring is free and can be in person or online. All appointments are either 30 minutes or 1 hour. You may only use up to one hour of tutoring each day. You may schedule two separate 30-minute appointments. You may attend drop-in tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI) sessions and workshops as often as you like.

Note: You must be currently enrolled at TMCC in the class for which you are receiving tutoring.

Make an Appointment

The Tutoring and Learning Center utilizes the Accudemia Scheduling System, which allows students to work with subject tutors or general writing tutors in person or online for real-time tutoring appointments.

Students looking for tutoring support for a paper are also able to request a Writing Dropbox appointment. These appointments allow students to get feedback on their writing via asynchronous written comments. Students upload their paper(s) for tutors to read and provide feedback on (students do not attend appointments ). 

To make an appointment, please log in to TMCC's Tutoring and Learning Center Scheduler and sign in using your TMCC username and password.

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