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Jump Start Student Roles and Responsibilities

TMCC’s Jump Start Program gives current high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit by taking TMCC classes while completing their high school diploma.

Before enrolling in Jump Start courses there are few key policies, requirements and procedures to understand. If you have any questions please let us know. We are here to support your success and help provide a great college experience.

Dual Enrollment Information

Courses offered through TMCC's Jump Start Program might be used to receive credit from the college and at the high school level. The school district is responsible for determining how TMCC courses are accepted for high school credit. Students are responsible for meeting with their high school counselor each semester to ensure the classes in which they are registered meet high school graduation requirements. With approval from the student, TMCC's Jump Start Program will send the student's high school a copy of an unofficial transcript.


The grades earned through Jump Start are a part of your permanent college record. To drop class students must withdraw from the class by contacting the Jump Start Program in advance of the deadline. 

High school students who add or drop courses should make sure the high school counselor is aware of any changes the student is making in their schedule, and that appropriate approvals are in place. Students who do not drop a course and fail to attend or submit work will receive the grade for the course they earn and may be in jeopardy of potentially not earning required dual credit for high school graduation. Students who fail a course will receive an "F" on their transcript. This can affect their future financial aid eligibility.

Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is practiced at TMCC and allows faculty and students to pursue whatever inquiry they feel is important in the classroom without fear of censorship. In a college environment, students may encounter adult language and images, different philosophical viewpoints and belief systems. Parents are encouraged to help their students practice important communications skills by allowing the students to be the main point of contact for all Jump Start inquiries. Students should be the only point of contact with professors regarding any questions they have. Parents can contact us for assistance.


Regular class attendance is important for success in college classes. Students who miss class for numerous high school activities may benefit from taking regular high school classes rather than college classes due to the higher level of academic rigor and expectations for college courses. The instructor sets the attendance policy for students. Students should discuss any absence with their instructor in advance of the absence as this may affect their grade.


Jump Start students must follow their required steps to enroll for high school students. Students have access to all enrollment information through their MyTMCC account, but will need permission to enroll or make changes to their schedule. Please contact us for more information.


Students are responsible for paying all applicable fees within the specified time frame. Please refer to the academic dates and deadlines for more information. Non-attendance or non-completion of a course does not relieve a student and/or their cosigner of their charges.

Parent/Guardian Involvement

When it comes to contacting the college or personnel, students must list parents as a third party in order to obtain any information regarding students. To ensure students receive the full college experience, they are expected to be the main point of contact with their instructors. Parents/guardians can always contact us to receive assistance with any information they require.

Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Truckee Meadows Community College is required by federal law, regardless of age, to keep student records confidential. Without the student's express permission, TMCC cannot share student records with anyone but the student (or appropriate College employees, high school employees, or Dual Credit instructors). Parents or guardians must be authorized to view student records.

All TMCC students are encouraged to read their rights and responsibilities outlined in the TMCC Catalog. For questions, please contact us.