Jump Start Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the Jump Start Dual Credit Program's most commonly asked questions.

FAQ Questions


No. Jump Start classes are offered online and in-person during the day or evening at various locations in Washoe County.

High School students can take advantage of both Jump Start and CTE College Credit to get ahead! These dual enrollment programs can be combined for high school students.


AP classes allow students to take college-level classes taught by a high school teacher, with the potential for students to earn college credit and/or class placement based on the results of an AP exam. Determination of scores for class placement and college credit is determined by the college/university to which the student sends the results of the AP exam.

Jump Start Program classes are college classes taught by a college instructor or qualified high school teacher. They provide an opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Students taking classes for dual credit should work closely with their high school counselor to ensure appropriate courses are selected.

TMCC's Jump Start Program students have access to all TMCC support services, such as:

TMCC's Jump Start Program provides an opportunity for high school students to start the transition to college early by taking a college course taught by a college instructor while in high school.

Please contact us or your high school counselor and/or administrator for more information.

Any TMCC student must attend classes according to the TMCC academic calendar and the instructor’s syllabus. Please review TMCC's dates and deadlines for when the College is closed (such as holidays, Spring or Winter breaks, etc.).


Yes! The following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Students must be in 9-12th grade. Students below 9th grade are not eligible for dual credit.
  • Parents/guardians can sign on behalf of a high school counselor if one is not available. Parents/guardians assume all responsibility in this role.
  • Meet any TMCC course prerequisites (provide documentation when necessary).
  • Students will need to complete and submit a ‘Notice of Intent to Home School’ form, appropriately filed in the school district where they reside.

All high school students, except for home school and Nevada State High School, cannot add/drop classes on their own. New high school students must follow the Steps to Enroll: Jump Start Students. Returning students must fill out a new Jump Start Permission to Enroll form. 

All Jump Start students who wish to change their schedule after they have submitted a Permission to Enroll form must send us a request from their TMCC email to dualcredit@tmcc.edu. Students must submit their request 3-5 business days in advance of any TMCC deadline. 

If you answer "Yes" to one or more of the following questions, Jump Start may be for you!

  • Are you interested in starting college early and getting a jump start on your future career/job?
  • Are you interested in being able to earn high school and college credit at the same time, thus possibly accelerating the opportunity for high school and college graduation?
  • Are you thinking about college, but are not sure?

Find out more at jumpstart.tmcc.edu!

Yes! Students should talk with their high school counselor about options and see if a TMCC class would benefit them. If students are taking TMCC classes for dual credit, they must check with their counselor to ensure the dual credits earned could go toward their high school graduation requirements.

The high school counselor and/or administrator and parent/guardian must approve any request to enroll in the Jump Start Program.

Jump Start students are responsible for adhering to all of TMCC's dates and deadlines surrounding the academic calendar.

To withdraw from classes, students must contact us through their TMCC email address for enrollment changes at least 3-5 business days in advance of any deadlines.

Failure to contact us by the published refund dates may result in you owing tuition and fees for the class. Failure to contact us by the final withdrawal date (after any refund deadlines) may result in a failing grade.  All schedule changes must be made 3-5 business days in advance of any deadlines.


No. High School students are non-degree seeking and are not eligible for Financial Aid.

There are three ways to pay for your TMCC classes:


  1. Log onto MyTMCC and view your Student Center.
  2. Scroll down to the "Finances" section.
  3. Under the "Account Summary" box, click on the link "make a payment".
  4. From there you are able to enter the amount you want to pay. You can choose to pay by credit card or electronic check.

In Person

The Accounting Services Cashier's Office accepts payments Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the Dandini campus in the Red Mountain Building, room 318. We accept credit cards (before 4 p.m.), cash, check and money orders.

By Mail

Payments can be mailed to the TMCC Accounting Services Cashier’s Office (7000 Dandini Blvd., RDMT 318, Reno, Nevada 89512-3999) in the form of check or money order. Make checks payable to "Board of Regents" and include your student ID number on the check.

We try to obtain funding for Jump Start Students every semester. If we do have funding, we will send a communication to all of our high school partners. Please note grant funding is for students who are income qualified/low income.

Standard tuition and fees as set by the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents apply. View detailed information about TMCC's tuition and fees in the College Catalog.

Jump Start students who are residents of the state of Nevada will be charged $75 per class if it is concurrent enrollment. For all other class(es), despite class mode, students will be charged $85 per credit plus technology per credit fee and any special class fee if applicable. Jump Start Students will have the Application fee, Student Association per credit fee, and Health and Sports per credit fee waived. An additional tuition discount is available for students who receive free and reduced lunch. Out-of-State high school students will be charged regular college tuition. Please visit TMCC’s Tuition and Fees for more information.

Please note that students are also responsible for all fees and the purchase of any required supplies and/or textbooks.


Truckee Meadows Community College is required by federal law (FERPA), regardless of age, to keep student records confidential.

Parents will not have access to any college records. If they wish, students can share information with third parties. Students should be the only point of contact with college instructors. College instructors will not reply to questions/inquiries from third parties, including parents.


One of the goals of the Jump Start Program is to instill in each student the confidence to pursue a college education and be successful as an individual. Each student is encouraged to take responsibility and make an appointment with his/her professor to meet and discuss any concerns.

Parents are welcome to contact TMCC's Jump Start Program to receive more information and assistance with enrollment.


Official TMCC transcripts can be sent to other NSHE schools free of charge. Complete the online Transcript Request.

For official transcripts being sent to all other colleges and universities, please go the National Student Clearinghouse. Note: There is a fee associated with this request.

TMCC will send unofficial TMCC transcripts 2–3 weeks after grades are posted only for school districts or high schools that have entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Jump Start Program.

Transfer Credit

Qualifying classes may transfer.  Check with the specific college or university.

TMCC has transfer agreements with Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) colleges/universities to assist students in determining what classes will transfer from TMCC to these schools.

Credits earned at TMCC may be used toward a TMCC certificate or associate degree.

TMCC has transfer agreements with Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) colleges/universities to assist students in determining what courses will transfer from TMCC to these schools.

If you are planning to transfer out of state, you will want to contact the admissions office of the college or university you are planning to attend to see if the TMCC class you are taking will transfer to that institution.

If you have questions regarding how TMCC classes may be used to fill degree and/or certificate requirements, please contact Academic Advising.