English Placement and Test Preparation

Students place into TMCC English classes either by testing into the class or by having completed an appropriate pre-requisite class.

English Placement

How will you know which English class to take? Your English placement depends on your test scores, high school English class grades, or high school GPA.

English Placement Options

Course Placement Classic ACCUPLACER Next Generation ACCUPLACER ACT SAT (Mar. 2016 & later)
ENG 100 RC: ≤ 85 NGR: ≤ 261 Below 18 Below 480
ENG 101 RC: 86+ NGR: 262+ 18–29 480–650
ENG 102 N/A N/A 30+ 660+

English 100 Replaces Developmental English Classes 

The English Department offers ENG 100 for students not quite ready for college-level English. This 5-credit model provides fully integrated support to help students succeed, and is equivalent to ENG 101. Students who successfully complete English 100 with a C- or better may enroll in English 102 the following semester. Each class has a maximum of 21 students, and enrollment will be on a first-come, first-served basis.