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English as a Second Language College Program

If your native language is not English, our program can help you succeed in college and at work.

Are you looking to pursue a degree? Depending on the level in which you are initially placed, you may begin earning credit toward a degree in your first term. You will receive high quality instruction designed to meet your language interests and goals.

TMCC offers courses in many different levels and skill areas, including: listening/speaking, reading, writing/grammar and vocabulary/spelling.

Who Should Take College ESL Classes?

Students whose goals are in any or all of the following areas:

  • To strengthen their English language skills
  • To better understand the American academic environment
  • To develop good study skills
  • To build knowledge in various academic or vocational subject areas
  • To earn vocational certification
  • To pursue a college or university degree (AA, AS, BA, BS)
  • To practice English in interaction with students from many countries

For more information, please contact us.

For non-credit ESL classes, visit Adult Basic Education's English Language Learner community program.

College-Level ESL Courses Offered

See the current TMCC Class Schedule for class dates/times and availability.

Level I (Basic Level)

  • ENG 81A: ESL Listening and Speaking
  • ENG 81C: ESL Reading and Writing (4 credits)

Level II (Intermediate Level)

  • ENG 112A: ESL Listening Skills
  • ENG 112C: ESL Reading Skills
  • ENG 112D: ESL Composition

Level III (Advanced Academic Level)

  • ENG 113: Composition I for Non-native Speakers
  • ENG 114: Composition II for Non-native Speakers

Elective Classes

Level II (Intermediate Level)

  • ENG 88: ESL Grammar
  • ENG 83: ESL Pronunciation and Spelling (Spring and Summer only)

Level III (Advanced Level)

  • COM 113: Fundamentals of Speech
  • READ 135: College Reading Strategies
  • ENG 181: Vocabulary and Meaning