Resource Allocation Process (RAP)

The College's institutional planning process ensures that the allocation of resources supports the College's strategic initiatives and priorities. College resources consist of the budget and other resources such as space or facilities, data and information, human resources, professional development and technology.

RAP Request Form

Strategic Master Plan

The development of a resource allocation plan starts with the Strategic Master Plan. The Strategic Master Plan represents the College's strategic initiatives and institutional priorities.

Unit Planning: Review

With the Strategic Master Plan, unit planning ensues. When unit plans require additional resources, the requests are made to the appropriate senior staff member, and justified with specific reference to the College's Strategic Master Plan. These requests are then reviewed by the appropriate senior staff member and, if approved, forwarded to the appropriate Vice President.

Budget Committee: Prioritizing

Unit resource allocation requests are then submitted to the Budget Committee, a broadly-representative body including faculty, staff and administration, who will prioritize and submit requests to the Leadership Team.


The President and Leadership Team then approve and match the ranked resource requests with the available resources, at which time the request will be added to the budget.