Welding StudentOverview

Chances are you have been affected by the work of a welder. Without this type of metal working, many aspects of our daily lives would not be possible. Welders are responsible for the formation of buildings, vehicles, pipelines, and various forms of technology that involve intricate metal work.

TMCC offers an Associate of Applied Sciences in manufacturing technology with an emphasis in welding, that provides American Welding Society (AWS) certification demanded by commercial and industrial contractors. All students also have the option of receiving a one-year Certificate of Achievement in welding technology, that provides the training for entry-level employment and industry-level welding.

What Will I Study?

The TMCC Welding Technology Program prepares you for a diversity of occupations from construction to manufacturing. Our large welding lab utilizes modern equipment in over 50 welding booths to train you in acetylene welding and cutting, arc welding, MIG/TIG and stick welding and plasma arc cutting.

Along with taking print reading and general industry safety courses, you will spend a majority of your time with instructors completing hands-on projects that require you to be proficient in the four main welding processes. Upon graduating, you will have all the technical requirements needed by all employers in the construction and manufacturing industries.