Transferring from TMCC

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Completing a transferable associate’s degree from TMCC before transferring to a 4-year college or university is a great way to save money while working toward your long-term goal of a bachelor’s degree. Our Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, with or without an emphasis, are considered transferable and are designed to cover the first half of a bachelor’s degree. While our Associate of Applied Science degrees are not transferable to UNR or UNLV, they have the potential of transferring to other institutions. We encourage you to meet with an Academic Advisor each semester to stay on track for graduation and transfer.

If you know you want to transfer eventually but have not decided where to go, it is important to start researching your options. The sooner you know your major and college or university of choice the sooner you can begin to plan your courses toward your goal. Transferring requires researching programs and majors, deciding on a college or university, and learning about the actual transfer process. We are here to help!

Transferring Within Nevada

As a TMCC student, there are benefits to transferring to a school within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE). If you plan to transfer to an NSHE college or university after you earn an associate degree from TMCC, you may earn guaranteed admission and a core waiver. You also have access to transfer agreements to ensure you are satisfying the lower division, or freshman and sophomore level, courses for your degree. Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor to ensure you stay on track for graduation and transfer.

Transferring Out of State

Out-of-state transfer is a wonderful option for students, too. In fact, certain majors may require that you transfer out of state to pursue your goal. Classes and a degree from TMCC can still benefit you greatly.    

If you plan to transfer out of state, you will want to contact the admissions or transfer office of the college or university you will be attending. Most colleges and universities have admissions staff that specialize in helping transfer students. Out-of-state colleges and universities will determine how your TMCC coursework will transfer to their particular school. You should start working with them right away to ensure a successful transfer. You should also make an appointment and work with a TMCC Academic Advisor to ensure you stay on track for graduation and transfer.

College Search

There are several ways to search for your next college, including College Board and College Source. These sites allow you to search by major, location, number of students, public vs. private, cost, and any other search criteria that are important to you.