Student Fee Project Plan and Timeline

Academic Student Fees (Special Course Fees, Differential Fees, Challenge Exams, etc.).

Guideline: as per NSHE Procedures & Guidelines Manual (Ch. 7, Sec. 6, 7, 11)

Date Task
March VPFA sends master course fee list to all department admins for review. VPAA sends out call to the divisions for student fee requests.
Mid-April All fee requests are due from the chair to the division dean/supervisor. 
Mid-April Completed division fee request summary is due from dean/supervisor to VPAA. 
April/May VPAA informs Student Government Association (SGA) of fee requests.
April/May VPAA submits fee requests to President for approval. 
Summer VPAA submits copy of approved fee requests to VPFA for implementation and/or Board of Regents (BoR) approval. 
September VPFA prepares fees request for fees requiring BoR approval. 
October Fees of $50 or higher are submitted to the BoR for approval. 
December VPFA notifies VPAA and Accounting Services of BoR approval/disapproval. 
January Accounting Services updates Special Course Fee Master List. 
February Admissions & Records activates Fall and Summer terms. 
February/March Accounting Services updates student billing system. 
March Accounting Services sends notification to department admins and VPAA's Office of updates to PeopleSoft and requests review of PeopleSoft course notes/comments to ensure fees are correct.