Employee Computer Loan Program

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TMCC Accounting Services administers a no-interest personal computer loan program for all TMCC full-time employees. The intent of this program is to provide employees with the means to provide home computer access to develop computer skills and increase professional development opportunities.

Loans are issued on a first-come, first-served basis as the Employee Computer Loan Program has limited resources.

Employees interested in this program should complete the Employee Computer Loan Request Form.

Loan Information

  • Loans can be used for computers, software, and peripheral equipment.
  • Loan amounts may not exceed $2,000.
  • Employees may only have one (1) computer loan at a time.


  • All full-time professional and classified TMCC employees are eligible for the TMCC Employee Computer Loan program.
  • Classified employees must not be in a probationary period.


  • Repayment is to be made in equal payments through payroll deduction, not to exceed 24 payments for Academic and Administrative Faculty and 48 payments for Classified Employees.
    • Note: Due to rounding issues, the approved loan amount may be adjusted to accommodate the 24 or 48 equal repayment periods.
  • Upon termination of employment, the loan balance will be deducted from the last payroll check unless other payment arrangements have been made (in writing) with Accounting Services. The employee is responsible for notifying Accounting Services of their termination and making arrangements for their loan repayment.

Employee Computer Loan Request Form

Complete the form below to submit an Employee Computer Loan Request. A copy of your quote or receipt for your purchase must accompany this submission. Please allow five business days from the date of submission for processing. TMCC Accounting Services will contact you for further information if needed. 

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