Ad Hoc Payment Request

Person holding a card and phone.

The Ad Hoc Payment Request form is primarily used for refunds. Unique instances or one-time payments may occur that also require the use of this form. Contracted supplier invoices must be processed through Workday. 

Submit this form along with supporting documentation (e.g., original receipts or sales slips) at least 72 hours before the check is needed. If the payment is to a supplier, an invoice must be attached to this form.

Note that Ad Hoc payments require cost center manager approval in order to process. Selecting "Yes" to "cost center manager has reviewed and approved this request" indicates that the initiator has obtained prior approval. A copy of this request will be sent to the cost center manager and to Accounts Payable for processing. Strict scrutiny of ad hoc payments will be adhered to by Accounts Payable personnel.

Reimbursements, expenses, independent contractor or guest speaker payments will not be accepted on this form. 

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