Theatre Program

Students Performing a Play


Our mission is to provide a hands-on, high-quality education with diverse production experiences and classes to prepare students for transfer to four-year universities, enter professional training programs, or begin work in the industry. We possess an active production schedule for students interested in both on and offstage work. Each year our production season varies in content, style, and shifts with student's interests. Faculty and staff work closely with students in all aspects of the discipline and mentor students in their creative and career pursuits.

Why Choose Theatre at TMCC?

There are several key advantages to studying Theatre at TMCC:

  • If you plan to get a bachelor’s degree in Theatre, you can affordably complete one of TMCC’s Theatre AA degrees which fulfills all of the requirements for the first two years of the Theatre degree at UNR, UNLV, or another Nevada University of your choice. 
  • TMCC’s modest class sizes ensure individualized help and support for all theatre students
  • Theatre at TMCC includes working on multiple play productions or student projects per semester, so you will get hands-on, relevant experience in performance, design, and technical areas
  • Courses are taught by instructors still active in the theatre and film industry to ensure an up-to-date, industry-level education