Dance Program

DanceThe TMCC Dance Program offers classes to students of all skill levels and movement interests in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Students can choose from a variety of technique and theory classes while working towards an associates degree in dance, in support of a related degree program or simply to take advantage of learning new skills. Classes offered include Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, Tap, Improvisation & Choreography and Dance Appreciation. Each dance course is structured to give students historical perspective, contemporary relevance and scholarly insight into each discipline while also sharpening their skills in the physical practice and artistry of dance as a performing art.

In order to round out students’ educational experience, TMCC Dance also offers multiple performance opportunities each academic year. All performance opportunities are based on an audition process and range from musical theatre collaborations to main stage contemporary dance concerts to site specific work throughout the Reno community.

Student choreographers are also nurtured through the program and given the chance to showcase their work at various times throughout the learning process.

Additionally, TMCC Dance is affiliated with the American College Dance Association (ACDA) and attends annual conferences as a means to enrich student knowledge and exposure to collegiate and professional dance throughout the region.

The TMCC Dance Program is equipped to assist you in reaching all your dance goals, whether you are looking to pursue a career in dance or simply want to keep your passion for movement alive. Let TMCC Dance be your resource for excelling physically, mentally and emotionally as a dance artist.

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