Additional Information for Applicants

TMCC Veterans Center

The following information applies to all chapters for both new and transfer applicants.

  • Placement Testing
    The VA will pay for zero-level or developmental courses if the ACCUPLACER test results show the course(s) is/are required before enrollment in college-level course(s). The VA will not pay for these courses if college credit has already been granted. Developmental courses can't be taken online.
  • When to Expect Your First Payment
    New/transfer students can expect to begin receiving VA funding approximately four to eight weeks from the date the certification is submitted to the VA and after approximately 30 days of college attendance.
  • Degree Selection
    The Department of Veterans Affairs will only pay for classes that fulfill graduation requirements. It is crucial that you understand the requirements for the degree you've selected.
  • Transfer Credits
    You may receive education benefits for two semesters before transfer credits must be evaluated by TMCC. Failure to have official transcripts sent to TMCC will delay your VA benefits. The VA will not pay benefits for repeating classes that you have already taken, if those classes satisfied graduation requirements for your degree. If you enroll in and receive benefits for a class, and the degree audit report shows that prior credit fulfills a degree requirement, the VA may require you to refund any benefits paid for an unnecessary class.
  • Register for Classes
    Use MyTMCC ( to enroll in classes. As a student you may take any class that you desire, but remember, the VA will only pay benefits for classes required by your degree program. Although the TMCC Veterans Benefits Certifying Official attempts to verify enrollment in required classes, you are ultimately responsible for your enrollment choices. Choose wisely!
  • Short Classes
    Classes are certified to the VA by number of credits and start/end dates of each class. If enrolled in "short" classes, the number of credits enrolled in each month maybe different, which affects your pay.
  • Add/Drop Classes
    Report all add/drop of classes to the VA certifying official immediately. This can be accomplished by contacting the TMCC Veteran Services Office.
  • Non-Attendance
    If an instructor issues an "F" grade for non-attendance it will have the same result as a withdraw (owe money back to the VA). It also lowers your cumulative GPA which puts you at risk of academic probation or suspension.
  • Tuition and Fees
    Pay your tuition and fees to TMCC Accounting Services before the purge date each semester. You will not have your payment from the VA before this date. Plan accordingly.
  • Progression Standards
    See TMCC's College Catalog: Progression Standards for Students Receiving Veterans Education Benefits