Maxine S. Jacobs Student Nurses’ Association Bylaws

Article I.

Section 1.

The name of this organization shall be Maxine S. Jacobs Student Nurses’ Association at the Truckee Meadows Community College.

Article II. Purpose and Function

Section 1. Purpose

  1. To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care.
  2. To provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing students.
  3. To aid in the development of the whole person, including his/her professional role, his/her responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life.

Section 2. Function

  1. To have direct input into standards of nursing education and influence the education process.
  2. To influence health care, nursing education and practice through legislative activities as appropriate.
  3. To promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities towards health care and the resolution of related social issues.
  4. To represent nursing students to the consumer, to institutions, and other community organizations.
  5. To promote and encourage students' participation in interdisciplinary activities.
  6. To promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities, and educational opportunities regardless of a person's race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity, age, gender, marital status, lifestyle, disability or economic status.
  7. To promote and encourage collaborative relationships with nursing and allied health related organizations.