Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Club

The Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Club (DDAC) is a student-run club that provides its members with unique opportunities to learn and participate in tabletop roleplaying games including but not limited to Dungeons & Dragons.

DDAC organizes and oversees game sessions, moderates game discussions, and provides a safe, respectful, and welcoming space for gaming.  DDAC provides members with:

  • Gaming Rules and Resources for TTRPGs
  • DMs, Game Masters, Storytellers, to run games
  • Multiple games clearly scheduled and regularly occurring
  • Safe and accessible rooms on campus
  • Knowledge from experienced members willing to share
  • Networking with other gamers and gaming groups

You may contact officers or moderators through Discord


Our Mission

We are the D&D Adventurers, and we, as a club, are here to provide an escape from mundane life and together create worlds of magic and monsters beyond anyone’s imagination. We want to provide the resources, space, and knowledge in order for members of the DDAC to be able to enjoy and participate in Dungeons & Dragons as well as other tabletop games. This would include both inside and outside of the club. Official Gaming sessions will take place on campus in a scheduled room reservation. Unofficial networking and gaming can take place between any members that share a desire to game outside of normal campus times. Members should be aware that behavior at unofficial games could generate official complaints and responses and players and DMs should all remain respectful of members if they wish to retain membership in the club.