Dietetic Technician Program Requirements

Study Nutrition

Degree Requirements

This is a limited entry program. The Dietetic Technician Program Director will be responsible for the initial screening of applicants meeting minimum criteria and the final selection of students.

In order to enroll, the first-time student must:

Prior to entry into the Dietetic Technician Program, students must:

Prior to entry into the internships, students must:

  • Provide transcripts of grades earned in prerequisite courses, and verification of computer skills.
  • Provide proof of:
    • vaccinations (copy needed)
    • insurance (copy needed)
    • TB tests
    • background check
    • fingerprinting
  • Note: most sites require that background checks, fingerprinting and TB tests be performed onsite.
  • See Also: Supervised Practice Internship General Information

All sites differ; therefore, each student will meet with the DT Program Director prior to starting at a site to determine requirements.