Nutrition Department

Preparing a healthy meal.

Do you want to learn how to eat smarter, feel your best and find out about what is in the food you eat? Nutrition courses offer tools in which to gain knowledge about healthy dietary habits, how to prevent chronic diseases with food and what nutrients are vital for mental and physical performance.

TMCC's Nutrition Department offers a rich variety of courses, providing students with knowledge of nutrition in human health, food service management and cultural foods. Our department also offers education options for those seeking careers in nutrition and dietetics that transfer to four-year institutions as well as a TMCC-based Dietetic Technician program.

With award-winning faculty, students can earn an Associate of Science Degree in Dietetics or an Associate of Applied Science for Dietetic Technician with small class sizes and low per-unit costs.

Most of our classes transfer to any NSHE institution, including UNR and UNLV, and any student from any NSHE institution can enroll at TMCC and bring their Millennium Scholarship with them.