Steps to Graduate

The TMCC Steps to Graduate information assists TMCC students who have completed (or will be completing) all degree requirements within the semester for which they are applying for graduation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Check to be sure your degree or certificate is listed correctly and update your contact information.
    Log into MyTMCC and click on "My Academics" where you can view your degree. If the degree listed is not the degree you are applying to graduate with, you should complete a Degree/Emphasis Change form before you submit your graduation application. Note: Your diploma will be sent to your mailing address on record; please check your current information for accuracy. Also, update your personal email address in order to stay in touch with TMCC after commencement.
  2. Run your Academic Advisement report or What-if report.
    If your degree is listed correctly, run your Academic Advisement report.
    • While you are still in the "My Academics" section of MyTMCC, click on "View My Advisement Report".

    If your degree is not listed correctly, you should run a What-if report with your desired degree.

    • While you are still in the "My Academics" section of MyTMCC, click on "Create a What-If Scenario".
    • Click "Create New Report".
    • Under program scenario, select your degree and Area of Study from the drop-down lists and click "Submit Request" on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Read through your report carefully.
    You can view your remaining graduation requirements by clicking "Expand All". Requirements that have been completed, and requirements that are in progress but have not yet been completed, are marked as Satisfied.

    For requirements that have not been satisfied, you will see the options for this requirement. It is important that you confirm that you are enrolled in all remaining classes to meet your degree requirements.

    If you have completed or are currently enrolled in course work at another institution that will be used to complete your TMCC degree, it is your responsibility to have official transcripts sent directly to TMCC Admissions and Records.

    • Meet the degree residency requirement (i.e., earn at least 15 degree-applicable credits at TMCC for associate degrees and certificates of achievement, and 32 degree-applicable credits at TMCC for bachelor's degrees).
    • In order to graduate at TMCC, students are required to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Grade-point averages earned at other postsecondary institutions are not reflected in the Truckee Meadows Community College cumulative GPA.
    • If applicable, ensure all transfer courses are appearing on your report.

    If all requirements are not met, use "MyPlanner" to schedule remaining coursework.

  4. Submit your application.
    First, verify the application deadlines. Then submit your graduation application electronically. Note that if all requirements are not satisfied you will receive a "denial" notification from Admissions and Records. If you satisfy or will satisfy requirements for more than one degree/certificate in the same semester, please complete a separate graduation application for each degree/certificate.
  5. Additional courses.
    If you plan to enroll in additional courses at TMCC in an upcoming term, please submit a new TMCC application for that term.