ADN Handbook, Section 4: Student Policies

Academic and Clinical Performance Counseling

Counseling Conference


  1. A counseling conference provides an opportunity for the instructor, student and/or Nursing Director to raise and discuss issues of concern.
  2. A counseling conference can be initiated or requested by a student, faculty member or Nursing Director.
  3. A third person/neutral party may be asked to participate in a counseling conference.
  4. Students may be counseled regarding academic and/or clinical performance.
  5. Violations of any program standard or policy, as stated in course syllabi or the program handbook, are also reasons for initiating counseling.

Academic Counseling Conference

  1. If a student's academic performance indicates potential for not completing the course, a conference may be held at the student's or instructor's request.
  2. The instructor will provide the student with theory grades in writing.
  3. Recommendations for corrective action to assist the student in improving performance can be made at this time.
  4. The instructor will put a copy of the conference documentation in the student's file.

Clinical Performance Conference

  1. Instructors have the right and responsibility to ensure safe and satisfactory behaviors in the clinical setting. The instructor may impose any restriction upon the student deemed necessary in relation to the occurrence. This includes removal from the clinical setting immediately.
  2. The instructor will document behaviors/occurrences objectively. All specific data, including date, time, and place of occurrence, is to be included.
  3. When student clinical behaviors do not meet satisfactory standards, a verbal discussion between faculty and student should occur as close to the time of occurrence as possible.
  4. The instructor will follow up with the student via email and, if necessary, initiate a Student Success Plan. 
  5. The student has the opportunity to respond in writing on the Student Success Plan.
  6. The student and instructor's signatures are required on the Student Success Plan. The student's signature does not necessarily indicate agreement. The signature represents that the student has been apprised of the occurrence in writing and has read the information.
  7. Should a student refuse to sign the form, a note will be made on the form.

Student Progress Policy

Students who are admitted to the Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing Program must maintain their status as a student in good standing in both academic and academic-related areas based on the following criteria. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program.

Unsatisfactory Progress for Academic Reasons

Students must meet with faculty member(s) to complete a Student Success plan based on the following:

  1. Students who do not pass a skills checkoff after three (3) attempts.
  2. Students who have not met expected performance, safety, or conduct standards.
  3. Students who at the end of the course do not meet the final clinical evaluation competencies or theory course requirements.

Unsatisfactory Progress for Academic-Related Reasons

Conduct consistent with professional standards of ethical, academic, and clinical behaviors must be exhibited at all times, including within classrooms.

  1. In a clinical course, if a student’s performance is determined by nursing faculty to be unsafe, the student may be removed from the clinical setting which will result in the completion of a Student Success Form. 
  2. If at any time a student’s observed behavior or performance raises any questions on the part of the nursing faculty about the student’s physical, cognitive, and/or emotional status and/or ability to perform or behave safely and/or appropriately, the faculty will meet immediately with the student, document their observations and notify the Director of Nursing. A student may be asked to leave a clinical or classroom setting, if the nursing faculty member determines it is warranted. When appropriate, site security or its equivalent in clinical settings may be called. 
  3. If the student is determined to be unable or unwilling to perform or behave appropriately, the student’s emergency contact will be notified. The student’s emergency contact is responsible for taking the student home. 
  4. Students are responsible for participating in the creation of their written success plan.  

Unsatisfactory Progress Procedure

  1. Students failing to meet any of the criteria above will receive a Student Success Plan.
  2. Faculty will identify area(s) of performance needing improvement in either academic or academic-related areas and outline recommendations and suggest an action plan for improvement. Students will provide input for the action plan. Documentation of poor performance must be included with the Student Success Plan.
  3. The completed form will be signed by faculty member(s) and student.
  4. Completed Student Success Plans will be given to the Administrative Assistant, and placed in the student file. 
  5. Faculty will be responsible for copying the completed form for the student.
  6. Any student may elect to have a third party join during the meeting.

The course faculty will review student’s academic or clinical performance to determine if the student can continue progression in the program or is dismissed from the program.

  1. Students who receive three (3) notifications on the Student Success Plan within one-semester may be dismissed from the program.
  2. Students who receive three (3) notifications on the Student Success Plan at any point while in the nursing program, may be dismissed.