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Nursing Program Exam Policy

(rev. Nov. 2019)


Nursing faculty will outline the evaluation methods for each Nursing Program course in the syllabus. The grading criteria outlined in the course syllabus is used by faculty to determine final grades for each course.

Students must achieve a "C" or better in each class in order to remain in the program. The minimum passing grade for the Nursing Program is 75%. Students who receive a failing grade for any course will meet with course faculty to develop a remediation plan for potential readmission.

Letter grades will be derived from a calculation out to two decimal places to the hundredths; however, there will be no rounding up of scores. (Although rounding is a mathematical principle, the Nursing Program faculty believe there must be a minimum standard, based on the fact that in the nursing profession there are also minimum standards.)

Course faculty will not calculate a cumulative course grade for students at any point during the semester. Following the final exam item analysis, the final course grade will be available via the Canvas platform.

Grading Scale

A: 100.00–90.00 | B: 89.99–80.00 | C: 79.99–75.00 | D: 74.99–65.00 | F: 64.99–00.00


All Nursing Program courses have faculty-generated unit and final exams. At the completion of the Nursing Program, during NURS 274, students are required to take a "completion of Nursing Program" publisher-produced exam. Instructions will be provided to students during NURS 274.

For All Nursing Program Exams

Prior to the exams, students are encouraged as needed to seek clarification of the concepts from faculty, Nursing Program tutors and peers. Students are allowed 1.5 minutes per question.

For All Nursing Program Courses

Students are expected to demonstrate honesty and integrity and are not to utilize textbooks, notecards or personal assistance during the exam process.

  • Prior to on-campus exams: Cell phones are to be turned off or silenced. All books, coats, backpacks and other belongings will be placed at the front or sides of the classroom. No hats or sunglasses are allowed. No smart watches are to be worn during exams.
  • During on-campus exams: Students may not have any textbooks, notebooks, food or beverages on the desk at any time. Only issued calculators, scratch paper and pencils are permitted. Bottled water without a label is allowed. Students may not leave exams in progress for any reason unless accompanied by a proctor. 
  • Quizzes and exams will be administered online unless otherwise specified by faculty. At course faculty discretion, quizzes and exams may be administered in a proctored learning environment.
  • Students taking quizzes and exams online are required to work independently without the use of textbooks, notebooks, or audio, visual, or written input from others. Only the student enrolled in the course must take all exams and quizzes. Work submitted online must be work completed by the student only. Students should not be taking quizzes or exams with a partner.
  • Quizzes and exams that are given online will have date and time limitations for when the exam will be available. Exams will automatically be submitted at the end of the time limit indicated, whether or not the student has answered every question. Any student who fails to take the quiz or exam during the time frame allotted will receive a grade of zero for that assessment. Specific information will be outlined in course instructions.
  • Each quiz or exam may be submitted one time only. No re-take of any exam or portion of an exam is allowed.
  • If it is determined that the student has been dishonest, a grade of "F" will be issued for the course and the student will be withdrawn from the Nursing Program.
  • If a student misses a unit exam: The weighted percentage of the exam missed will be added to the comprehensive final exam percentage. For example if the missed exam is worth 20% of the grade and the final exam is 30%, the final exam weight would be 50%.