Nursing Program Readmission Policy

(Adopted May 2013; revised January 2020)

The information on this page is for students who have been accepted to the TMCC Nursing Program and are current students.

Progression through the Nursing Program

  • The TMCC Nursing Program may be re-entered twice; any Nursing course may not be repeated more than once.
  • Nursing Program courses may not be repeated for a better grade.
  • Students who withdraw for any reason, either academic or non-academic reasons including events, such as, illness, or family issues, must apply for readmission.
  • Responsibility for success is required by the student. The student must be an active participant in the learning process.

Reapplication Policy (for First Semester Students)

This applies to any student unsuccessful in the first semester of the Nursing Program only.

  • Students unsuccessful in any first semester Nursing course will need to apply to be admitted to the Nursing Program. The student will be enrolled only in the course(s) the student was unsuccessful in during their previous enrollment.
    • Each Nursing cohort remains capped at 48 students.
    • Initial program admission criteria will be utilized in the application process for placement and acceptance to the Nursing Program.
    • The second application to the Nursing Program will constitute 1 of 2 readmissions into the Nursing Program.
    • Students must submit letters to the Director of Nursing stating their intent for potential readmission by the first business day in January for Spring Semester and first business day in June for Fall Semester. Letters submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • All Nursing Program requirements (immunizations, CPR, insurance, etc.) must be current prior to returning to the Nursing Program.