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Thinking Statue

Engaging Courses

TMCC offers a number of Philosophy courses to serve the diverse needs of the community and the academic needs of students majoring in many fields.

The Philosophy curriculum includes several courses on religion, such as an introduction to the Old Testament, a study of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and an introduction to world religions (PHIL 210).

Additionally, our instructors frequently design special topics such as the philosophy of food and dining, the philosophy of art, the study of knowledge, and the philosophy of India.

Superior Faculty

TMCC's Humanities Department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty offering surveys in Western philosophy as well as courses on ethics, existentialism, critical thinking, logic, political philosophy, and the philosophy of science.

Associate of Arts Degree

So, whether you are interested in earning your Associate Degree in Philosophy, or just want to take a class to fulfill a general studies requirement, the Philosophy Program at TMCC has what you need.

Watch the Philosophy listings in TMCC's Class Schedule for classes that can help you in your major, serve your career or offer guidance in achieving a better, more fulfilling life.

About Philosophy

Philosophy uniquely provides several avenues for better understanding of and interacting with our world. Philosophical thinking gives us tools for pondering the big questions about the nature of reality, time, being, causation and human consciousness. It allows us to distinguish between facts supported by rigorous evidence and assumptions supported by hearsay or opinion.

Philosophy gives us techniques for comprehending the most important questions underpinning science, religion, art and the conduct of our lives. By studying philosophy, our thinking becomes more reasonable and articulate, allowing us to make more responsible career choices and to make our lives more fulfilling and meaningful.