History Faculty

History Department faculty members: John Reid, Joseph Gonzalez (emeritus), Sharon Lowe, John Kemp.


When you study history you take a look into human behavior and interactions and how those change through time. You also work to interpret the past as it applies to the present and future. If you think about it, every significant act that happens today will someday be considered history to our future generations. If delving into the past and how it has shaped our world fascinates you then History may be the degree for you. You will have the opportunity to transcend stereotypical thinking and examine what happened in the past, why it happened, what the consequences were, and how improvements can be made in the future for the betterment of society.

Why Choose History at TMCC?

It is imperative in today's global economy for you to understand the history of your community, state, nation and the world. Through the study of history, you will develop an appreciation of the contributions made by all nations as the humanities are integrated with political science, economics and geography. Knowledge of your roots and a sense of your place in humanity allow you to have the fullest sense of self and shared community on which both personal development and responsible citizenship depend.

Knowledge of history is required if you wish to have political intelligence. Without history, individuals share no common memory of where they have been, what their core values are, or what decisions of the past account for present circumstances. Without history, you cannot undertake any sensible inquiry into the political, economic or social issues of today. Historical knowledge and inquiry contribute to the skills necessary to be informed citizens, who function effectively in the democratic process of a diverse society.

Benefits to studying History at TMCC include:

  • The TMCC History degree can be completed 100% online if you prefer the flexibility of online learning
  • Courses are offered online and in person with a variety of schedule options to meet your needs
  • Small class sizes ensure that you can get individual help and attention when you need it
  • The History degree is designed as a transfer degree so that you can complete your first two years at TMCC and your bachelor’s degree at UNR or another four-year institution of your choice