Mail Services

Auxiliary Services receives, processes and delivers all College mail daily on the Dandini campus through Mail Services in RDMT 228. For assistance with TMCC mail or receiving, please contact us.

Summer Hours of Operation
Monday–Thursday 9 a.m.–3 p.m.
Friday 9–11:30 a.m.
Saturday, Sunday Closed

Mail Pick-up and Delivery

Freight, mail, and package deliveries are received and distributed through the TMCC Auxiliary Services mailroom (RDMT 228). Mail and small parcels are delivered once daily to each of the designated delivery locations on the Dandini campus (see Off-Site Locations Delivery Schedule).

All mail picked up from any TMCC location on one day will be delivered within the next scheduled delivery.

If mail is undeliverable, Mail Services will return it to the sender with the next scheduled mail delivery.

Dandini Campus Mail Pick-up

Person holding mail.

  • Dandini Campus department mail is picked up daily. Note: internal mail picked up from one run will be delivered during the next day's run.
  • Mail that is pre-paid can be left for pick-up with the department’s mail. Please keep separate and do not band with other types of mail.
  • For mail that needs to be delivered to the USPS after the mail carrier has left campus, Mail Services will meter the mail for the responsible person to deliver to the USPS.

Dandini Campus Mail Drop Box

  • A gray mail drop box is located in the hallway outside of the TMCC Mailroom, RDMT 228 for mail drop-off outside of the Mailroom's regular hours of operation.
  • Stamped personal mail may be placed in the drop box (see also: Personal Mail).
  • Inter-office and outgoing mail placed in the drop box prior to 9 a.m. will have same-day delivery. Mail placed in the drop box after 3 p.m. will go out the next day.